E-Z Rewards Program

Need money? - You Refer We Reward Program
E-Z Acceptance Builders, Inc.
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Phone: (800) 969-8811

E-Z Acceptance Builders does a tremendous amount of referral business! We reward our customers for their efforts! Many friends, neighbors, relatives and co-workers have had their projects done as a direct result of you and we greatly appreciate it!

Here’s How it Works
Any sale that results in a completed installation that was referred by you will earn you $300. You don’t even have to be an existing customer to qualify! All referrals that result in a completed installation earn you $300.

Please contact us by e-mail or phone with any friends, neighbors, relatives or co-workers that may be interested. (Make sure you give us your information so you will get the reward) Keep the referrals coming and we will keep the cash flowing.

Unfortunately, due to state legislation, this program is not available in Michigan.

Craig Parker, President
E-Z Acceptance Builders, Inc.