Hail & Wind Damage Claims

The storm specialistsEZ Acceptance Builders - The Storm Specialists

Unlike a typical contractor, EZ ACCEPTANCE BUILDERS specializes in working with the consumer and the insurance company in order to obtain the maximum amount of dollars allowed for the repair, which means there is NO COST to you and your roof and siding is replaced for FREE!

From inspecting your roof and siding for hail damage or wind damage, to finishing the needed repairs, your EZ ACCEPTANCE BUILDERS representative will manage the following steps, keeping you advised throughout the entire process:

  • Verifies your hail damage/wind damage
  • Assists you in filing the insurance claim
  • Meets with you and the insurance adjuster to assure that all hail damage/wind damage is identified and included in the claim
  • Meets with you to select materials, colors and discuss any special requests
  • Obtains necessary permit(s) and schedule the materials and work crew
  • Verifies that completed project meets your satisfaction as well as local codes and insurance requirements


Why I Should Consider Making a Hail or Storm Claim

A majority of your neighborhood has already replaced their roof or siding due to hail or storm damage. The insurance companies do NOT pay for something that isn’t legitimate. Most of the projects that have been done in your neighborhood have been paid for by insurance companies.

In Ohio, you have one year to make a claim. This time period goes by very quickly since almost half of the year our homes are covered in snow. The time to act is now.

For many people, their home is their retirement fund. It makes good financial sense to improve one of your most important assets and protect your investment.

When neighbors improve the value of their homes, the surrounding unimproved properties drop in value – they do not remain the same value.

More than likely, your insurance premium has already increased since you live in a verified national catastrophe area. Insurance companies cannot increase your premiums due to a claim involving an act of God, but they can raise the rates on a geographical location involved in a catastrophe. In essence, your raised premiums are helping pay for your neighbor’s improved property value.

Month after month, and year after year you pay the premiums for your home. The reason you pay your premiums is to protect your home and your investment.

Ohio law concerning unfair property and casualty claims settling practices, section 3901-1-54 (l)(b), states that when an interior or exterior loss requires replacement of an item and the replaced item does not match the quality, color or size of the item suffering the loss, the insurer shall replace as much of the item as to result in a reasonably comparable appearance. In laymen’s terms this means that the insurance company must ensure that replacement materials match in terms of color, quality, texture and type of materials.

Siding: Many people feel like there is nothing wrong with their home, that the damage is just aesthetic. The bottom line is many homes that are damaged do not have any available siding to match the 30 year old siding on their house. So what may appear to be just a couple of dents is actually considered “totaled out” siding. In order to repair the damaged siding properly you have to replace the entire house.

Roofing: What may begin s a few hail impacts or blown-off shingles on your roof, can turn into a nightmare leak and cause other structural damage to the house long after the two year time period to make a claim has passed by.

In many cases, homes that were built over 20 years ago do not have essential protection on the frame of the home, such as, an ice and water shield on the roof and/or a vapor barrier on the siding. These items are now code for Ohio. In many situations, insulation and proper venting can be added to improve heating and cooling efficiencies.

Can you afford NOT to make a claim!